Our debut album, “America the Beautiful,” was a collaboration of all four musicians in the band. This album has become the foundation of our writing style, playing style, and has shaped the way we attack the writing process of a new song. We are very proud of the album as our debut album. While writing these tracks, we were simultaneously learning to meld as a band. The raw sound of this album mixes grooves, genres of metal styles and has different feels throughout each song.

Our newest release, “Return to the Throne,” is the aftermath of our journey through our first album. The sound of this release is much more polished. In contrast to “America the Beautiful,” we wrote this album with the the recording process in the forefront of our minds. “Return to the Throne” consists of 7 tracks, and blends thrash, death and progressive metal, into a full hour of relentless brutality. Check out our full albums below.