The Band

Assayer  is a four piece metal band that blends elements of thrash and death metal with a taste for the progressive. Hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the group bonded over a shared love of classic Metallica, Opeth, and Dying Fetus. Assayer's sound is a mix of the catchy, the unconventional, and the unrelentingly brutal.


Forming in 2010, the band quickly made a name for themselves in the Philadelphia Metal Scene. Following the release of their debut album, America the Beautiful, they went on tour through New England and the American South. The band has currently released their sophomore effort, Return to the Throne.

Assayer is:

Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

I started playing guitar around 13. I learned mostly Nirvana songs at first. Originally thats all I wanted to do is play Nirvana, but as time went on I got into Metallica and I loved playing guitar more and more. I started getting into heavier bands like Children of Bodom and Cannibal Corpse. I started jamming with people I knew played heavy music for a while until my first band finally came together. That didn’t last more than a few months before I joined the local band Dead Enemy Suicide. We played together for a few years before we parted ways in 2006. I formed Post Annihilation with the drummer of Dead Enemy Suicide and a few others in early 2008. Sadly that band was short lived. I always wanted to sing and play guitar at the same time so I decided to play Metallica covers with an old friend I jammed with back in the day. I contacted Sean Monaghan an old friend, to play guitar....

rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals

I first started playing an instrument back in the year 2000. Me and my friend wanted to start playing guitar and I actually bought a bass guitar originally and my friend bought an electric guitar. They were cheap, no name instruments that we bought at a local music store but they did the job. We started trying to learn songs and start a band but it was not working out so one day we decided to switch instruments and I bought my first guitar and amp off of him; an Epiphone Strat copy guitar and a Fender Champion 30 watt amp.


Around the same time I was starting to get into heavy music. I discovered band like koRn, Megadeth and Metallica. The latter, Metallica, had the biggest influence on me of all. I started to learn Metallica riffs and songs which helped develop my thrash metal technique. Just like many people in the metal genre, if it wasn't for Metallica I might not even be playing guitar and definitely not into the heavy music I am today. Soon after I discovered bands like Dream Theater which totally blew my mind and had a huge influence on my guitar playing and music knowledge in general. From there I discovered Opeth and to this day they are still my favorite band. Opeth totally changed the way I listened to music and lead to me getting into heavier bands and death metal.


Through all this time I never had any band until around the year 2005 when my close friends were starting a rock band, Mr. Heavyfoot. They were in the process of writing songs but needed another guitar player so I joined as a second guitar player. Mr. Heavyfoot wasn't heavy music or exactly what I wanted to play but it was huge for me and I gained a lot of experience playing with great musicians and playing a lot of shows. We recorded a demo in a studio and played some really cool gigs but after a few years together the band ended and I was without a band.


I continued playing guitar after Mr. Heavyfoot disbanded and still held onto the dream of playing in a metal band. Then in 2009, Jordan Bishop contacted me and asked me if I was up to jamming. Me and Jordan knew each other since we were 15 and we jammed back in the day but nothing came of it. We got together and the chemistry was there and we had the same exact idea on the kind of band we wanted to have. From that day on, we haven't stopped. It took us awhile but we finally found other musicians who were down with what we were trying to do. At the start of 2010 we started playing with Anthony on drums and later on Mike joined us on bass and the band is stronger than ever and ready to take our music to the next level.


Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals

I started playing Bass when I was 12, cutting my chops to Minor Threat, Anti-Flag and Rage Against the Machine. I was obsessed. I played about 2 hours a day; when I spent nights away from home I brought my instrument with me to practice. When I got older I started listening to more metal, and began to take my cues from Steve Harris, Cliff Burton and Robert Trujillo (Lights Camera Revolution is one of the most underrated thrash album of all time)


I played in a number of Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and experimental bands in my hometown. They ranged from Grindcore to Power Metal. After my last band collapsed, I discovered Assayer. It was clear from the first time I heard the band that they obviously had a lot of skill; they also clearly had the work ethic to put in the time and effort to make great music. I was also stuck by the genre fluidity of the music. While rooted in Thrash and Death Metal, you could hear many different influences and even some prog elements in the sound. I'm extremely proud of my work on Return to the Throne, and I'm very much looking forward to sharing it with the world.


I started out playing guitar at 15 with two of my buddies. The three of us would jam out to "And Justice for All." Since the three of us played guitar, I decided to try the drums out. I had a job while I was in high school, so I saved up and bought my first drum kit.


I taught myself how to play with headphones and Metallica albums blasting in my ears. I jammed out with friends in high school, but nothing serious. I didn't join my first band until college called CrimZin. We were together for about 5 years. We recorded a bunch of stuff and played all over Philly. We played shows in NY, NJ, and MD, including The Metal Mind Rage Festival in Baltimore, and The Warped Tour in Scranton. In 2006 CrimZin split, and that was the end of that.


Since then, I have been listening to a lot more aggressive music and gained influence from a variety of heavier bands. I searched for new members for over a year. I jammed with a ton of people, but nothing really clicked.


I decided to give Craigslist one more shot. I put an ad up and Jordan responded to it. As soon as we got together, we began writing. The rest is history!

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