After a few months in the studio, Assayer looks to release their debut album, titled "America the Beautiful." Assayer has put together 53 minutes of brutal thrash/death metal accompanied by melodic harmonies and creative orchestration. Two of the songs from the new album are available to stream from the music page and Facebook. Other individual songs, as well as the full album will be available in a few weeks for download on iTunes and other digital distribution websites.

"We're really excited to release this album to the public and get some feedback. It was hard to choose what songs we wanted to include on this album, but in the end, we're really pleased with the way it turned out! Like us on Facebook, as well as Reverb Nation, and let us know what you think."

Check out the upcoming shows to see where Assayer will be playing next. If you’re going to an Assayer show, you can always expect to see accompanying bands of a similar genre of music. Come down, hang out, and support some of Philadelphia's best original metal bands!


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